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     We are Frances and Tony, a happily married, adventurous couple that compliments each others' talents when it comes to filming and doing photography.  We love people and art, so when you hire us, you are letting us do what we love the most. 


     We have fun shooting weddings, elopements, music videos, corporate gigs and films.  We enjoy them very much, and we love working together.  Our goal is to bring a ton of positivity to your day -- a day you have been planning for a long time -- and to make it flow flawlessly while capturing it so you can leave a legacy.  

     We compliment each other in the sense that one works on the right side of the brain, the other on the left.  One is a melancholic, the other a sanguine.  One introvert, the other extrovert.  One is technical and takes beautifully framed and well composed shots, the other is outside the box and a bit more daring. 

   We unite all of these together and add to your wedding/event inasmuch as what we bring to the table, artistically and creatively speaking. 

    All of the above unite in one, and with it we created THE FRANTO GYPSIES.

     Currently, we are working on various projects which include photography, feature films and documentaries.  Contact us with yours, and let's see what we can create out of your vision and ideas.

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