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As far as wedding films are concerned...

    We have created something quite unique and original called the Bombastic Entrance. What is this short film concept, you ask?  

     Sometime before your wedding we work on a fun and hilarious  storyline involving bride and groom doing something you two absolutely love.  It must show all your quirkiness, a side of you two you would really want your guests to see.  

     Tony helps with the storyline, concept, locations, and storyboard, then the short film is filmed.  This is before the wedding, right before your schedule gets absolutely hectic.  

 Imagine on the day of the wedding, right before you perform the Grand Entrance at the reception, introduced as the newly wed couple, if the DJ asks all your guests to look at the big screen that has been set up - and your video is then played?  Once it's done and your guests are screaming, applauding and whistling, the DJ then asks you two to come in.  It's a huge success every time. 

 Wedding Highlights comes with this package.   Your entire day is filmed, anywhere between 4-8 hours, and a 4-5 minute short film, made to look like a movie trailer or a short Documentary.  These options are discussed thoroughly so you can receive exactly what you want.  Some highlights follow below:  

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