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Frances + Tony Photography

Family Mini Sessions

"Family Mini Session"  is a fun & creative service we offer for busy, on the go families, that love to spend time together and capture their special  moments together.  It consists of 30 minutes at a location in the Phoenix metro area, where we pose your family for photos that you will want on your wall and above your fireplace.   We guarantee it!

Our simple belief in this service we provide is that family memories need to be immortalized by going up on your wall, and being seen on paper.  We do love digital images and we offer them in our packages, but we are really pushing for our clients to showcase their families in their homes like people used to back in the day!

It works like this:  first, book with us by sending us your information below and paying our non-refundable booking fee.  

Next, take a look at our 4 different packages and choose one that best suits your family's needs. 

That's it!  Once the day comes we ask that you come on time and let us do the rest.  Please limit all parties to 6 people maximum. After we get your photos we will schedule a day for us to design the photos you will choose for your wall art, books or digitals!   



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