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   Creative art  in its purest form comes from within.  I know that sounds incredibly cliche, but it's true.  However, to dive deep into the meaning of this phrase means to unfold what FRANTO is all about.  

Creative art is the result of the artist's experience, wisdom, research & studies in his or her craft, spirituality and last but not least- it's also the result of the artist's deep and soulful love of God given life, experiences and people.   

We are not photographers that just show up to your event. 

We are not artists that just have a "job to do," get paid, go home.  No. 

We are artists that want to experience what you are feeling, and want to understand how important this wedding is to you.  

We want to create an experience for you and we want to be a part of it.  

      We compliment each other in the sense that one works on the right side of the brain, the other on the left.  One is a melancholic, the other a sanguine.  One introvert, the other extrovert.  One is technical and takes beautifully framed and well composed shots, the other is outside the box and a bit more daring.  We unite all of these together and add to your wedding inasmuch as what we bring to the table, artistically and creatively speaking. 

     All of the above unite in one, and with it we created franto.